Granny Flats and Bungalows

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To meet the needs of our aging population we have been developing our Range of Granny Flats & Bungalows for years. Our experience will show when we discuss the options with you as we have developed a ‘Standard’ and ‘Designer’ series for your choice. We have 1 and 2 bedroom options to make it easier to incorporate your family needs. A ‘Bungalow’ is the name given to a detached or semi detached structure, which provides extra accommodation for an existing house. A bungalow is allowed to be a permanent structure, provided it does not include a kitchen and laundry. Approvals are usually straight forward and fast. A granny flat design can become a bungalow, simply by leaving out the kitchen and laundry. Swenrick Constructions Pty Ltd can assist you with your decisions as to which dwelling type is most suitable for your needs. Swenrick will liase with Council and obtain all relevant Permits on your behalf. A Granny flat is generally regarded as a fully self-contained small house provided specifically for a dependant person, and built in the backyard of an existing house. Usually putting a second house on a property requires a complex and costly town planning process, however because of the social desirability of housing dependant persons, a fast-track is provided. When Granny flats are built to be re locatable and are specifically provided for the dependant person, approvals are normally simple and straight forward. All our Ranges are adaptable to your specifications and all are programmed to save with our outstanding flexible A, B, C & D programs.
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